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Pushing Through!

IMG_3462_2So far this month has been totally insane around here.

I finished a novel. Yay! Well, the first draft anyway.

Then we got some moolah when the spousal unit cashed out the rest of his vacation time. And we got rid of our 30 year old futon couch! Okay, the futon wasn’t that old, but the frame was much older, so I’m taking an average here. And bought a love seat and a chair to replace it. Whoo hoo!  Leather – so no more dust mites. And I can sit on them, because the futon couch had become a rock and no one would sit on it except the child. Now I can reclaim the living room again!

Plus, the first two weeks of December is always filled with every social thing imaginable, because people cram the whole month’s worth of events into those two weeks. Which leaves me mostly sitting around the last two weeks wondering where the world has gone.

I think I went out of the house nearly every single day to go somewhere, do something. Until I came home and collapsed.

And then we had the big wind storm which left us without power for about twelve hours and brought chunks of the neighbor’s dead tree down on part of the garden. Thank goodness it missed the house and the pond! It did a pretty unsightly job of pruning a couple of our trees, but other than that, the garden’s okay. And someday, once we get the chainsaw sharpened, it’ll mean more firewood!

IMG_3463I’m putting in a couple photos I took out in the garden. The Hellebores have begun blooming!

The top is Helleborus ‘Cinnamon Snow’ and the bottom one is Helleborus foetidus.

I love having things happening out in the garden at this time of year. And two of the four witch hazels have begun to bloom. One of them is two months early.

The weather’s been strange. It was 60 degrees last week. That’s a fabulous late spring temperature around here. Then a day later it was less than 30 degrees at night. Wide temperature swings.

So, lots of ups and down.

Wacky technology. My router’s dying. The last upgrade didn’t make my 5 year computer happy – it’s loading every piece of software at a snail’s pace. I’m planning on taking it in and seeing if there’s something I can to do speed it up, but I’m not going near the mall till after Christmas. Yikes, I’m not that crazy.

I’m making lots of Christmas gifts. And I’m behind on that too. I keep adding in projects.

The oven’s running super hot and the heater thermometer is completely off. It says it’s 90 degrees and turns the heat off when the wall thermometer reads 60. So, it’s a little chilly in here. It’s sweaters, down vests and space heaters here, unless I’m home all day and can crank up the wood stove.

The Christmas Tree:JPEG:850X1288This week has been calmer than the last and I’m a little more on track with my writing.

Progress on the current story and yesterday, I put up a new story. ‘The Christmas Tree’. It’s another ‘Bibi’s Bargain Boutique’ story for those of you who like that sort of thing. I’ll put links up as soon as it appears online in more than a couple spots. When I get back here.

But it won’t be for a few days, because hello, ‘The Hobbit’! It’s opening. I’ll be there. I don’t go out to see movies much, but I’ve been waiting for this one. Even if the series has too many battle scenes for my taste. So looking forward to it.

I’ll be using the next couple of weeks to power through some of the publishing stuff I’m behind on. Get covers made and stories up (when the ebook vendors aren’t closed during the holidays).

I’m slowly working my way through all the stuff I’ve written this year. Oh, except for a couple of novels that are still sitting, waiting. I’ll eventually get back to them and get things cleaned up and published.

So, I’ve got a lot from this year to finish up. Christmas present, stories, novels.

Then I need to contemplate what my goals are for next year. I blew past this year’s writing goal with a month to spare.

What should I do next year?

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