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Off Into the Void!

The garden is making its yearly passage from spring to summer. The hellebores have faded from white, pink and burgundy into muddy colored flowers plumped with seed pods. The flowering cherry is done, the tree peonies are finishing. Daffodils and tulips long gone. Maples are leafing out and dame’s rocket is scenting the night garden.The hawthorne’s crimson blooms are being beaten off by the nonstop showers and the first crop of roses are struggling against the rain, trying to open. The first rose to open this year was our climber – Madame Alfred Carriere, a lovely white with a hint of shell pink at the center. To me roses signal the beginning of summer. We had two lovely weeks of sun, but now we’re back in the rain a while. Hopefully, with sun breaks this time!

Writing-wise, I finished up six stories under my pen name, Annie Cox. They’re published both separately and as a collection – ‘Bibi’s Bargain Boutique’. I’ve been writing them since January, but got the ideas for the stories last fall. I had thought they were all going to be light fluffy stories, but they all turned out to be about healing. And if a character is going to heal, then they’ve got to have something to heal from, so not as light and fluffy as I expected. It was an interesting process traveling with these six characters during our dark, winter and spring months.

I’m still working on a story/novel where I’m sure of very little. It’s moving slowly along and I do know it takes place after our civilization has fallen apart. Not sure if it’s SF or Fantasy. Adult or YA. But it’s interesting and mysterious, so I’m just following along after the character and attempting to find the plot. And trying to stay out of the way!

In real life I’m craving comfort food – macaroni & cheese, chocolate cake, the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and Harry Potter, so I’m thinking that I feel like wallowing in those because another big life transition is about to hit. Years ago, my daughter’s pediatrician told me that just before a large growth spurt (physical or psychological) kids would often revert to old, outgrown behavior. I’ve noticed it happens that way for me as well, except I don’t usually have tantrums, nightmares, etc.

So, I’m taking a couple of days to consciously indulge in the past before I step off into the void, again.


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