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New Stories Up!

I’ve been working hard and have a couple of new stories up in my Aboard the Universe Series.


The Dilemna of Unrequited Love:JPEG:850X1288





The Dilemma of Unrequited Love:

Aurora’s mutant superpower allows her to know when people lie to her. That’s useful for a therapist. Not so useful when it comes to unrequited love.





The Greening of the Universe:JPEG:850X1288





The Greening of the Universe:

Horticulturalist Una lives a safe life aboard the Universe tending her plants collected from all over the multiverse. A crisis threatens the ship’s food source and Una must decide if she can break out of her cozy life and brave humanity.



And just when I thought I had a nice collection of stories and novelettes together, along came another story idea! So in a few days, after I’ve finished a draft of the novel I’m working on, I’ll go back into the Universe and write another story. It’s going to be a lot of fun. And who knows, there may be more. I never know what ideas are going to float through my brain. I’ll do a longer post soon, but now, it’s time to go cook dinner.

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