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Mission Accomplished!


Well, it’s week six of the Clarion West Write-a-thon – – which ends this Saturday. In two days. My goal was to write a story a week and I just finished story number 6! Woot!

The next step is to send it off to my first readers, who are still inundated with stories four and five. Because they have, like, lives. When I get the stories back, I’ll do a quick clean up and make covers, write blurbs, etc. and put them up for sale. And send copies of them to my sponsors! Thank you and Thank you to those of you who are donating to and supporting Clarion West! Even though I haven’t been involved in years, it’s a cause that’s close to my heart. New writers, what’s not to love?

So, in the past six weeks I wrote three fantasies and three science fiction stories. Although, I will admit that this week’s SF story was beyond silly. My goal was to write a Christmas story and the idea was what came to my brain. We’ll see if anyone else thinks it’s funny. Right now, nothing seems funny to me.

Allergies are still killing me. And Saturday is the day when, every year, friends and family who we haven’t seen in a year, come over and hang out. Writing, while trying to clean up the house and garden, and cook has been a little overwhelming. I am such a lazy person. I’m looking forward to a few days off to sit around on the swing outside, in the sun to nap and read. And munch bon bons. Or maybe chocolate. And snap my fingers for the cabana boy to bring me a mai tai. What the cabana boy quit? Bloody hell.

So, today’s the day when I get stuff done, as well as jettisoning a lot of things from the list. Maybe I don’t really need to clean that room. No one will ever notice. I depend on this time of year to get things accomplished that never, ever get done. Like washing the floors. This week I washed all the floors in the house! I’m not going to tell you when that last happened. But three days later, it’s hard to tell the floor was clean. Sigh. Life with humans and cats. But I KNOW. It makes me feel a little better to know that a few layers of dust are gone.

And I replanted one entire container of carnivorous plants. The Darlingtonia were so overrun with weeds, it was the only way I could separate the plants I wanted from the grass. I wrestled with it for three afternoons. And I cut back dead stuff and weeded half of another huge container of Sarracenia. Maybe I’ll take photos of those for my next post. After I finish cleaning up the other half. Love my carnivorous plants, especially as I imagine them eating all the resident mosquitos.

So, life for the rest of the week is mundane cleaning, cooking, etc. Then next week, I’m going to work on getting stories cleaned up, covers made, etc. And updating websites. And redoing lots of covers. And. And. And. I’ve fallen behind on quite a lot of things. And I need to decide if I want to write more short stories next and go back to the novel in September, after school starts, or do it now. Decisions, decisions.

Well, I’m off to do exciting things like find flat surfaces in the house. Always a challenge. Have a lovely August!


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