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It’s All About the Roses!

Summer’s almost here and the roses are exploding out in the garden. The show began in March this year!!!! The earliest ever. With Rosa ‘Mme Alfred Carriere’. She’s peaked for the season, but wow is it fragrant out there.

I’m back writing in the outdoor office on non-rainy days and everywhere I look, the roses are having a great year. Most of the heirloom roses haven’t yet begun their show.




This is Rosa ‘Tradescant’, an Austen rose, from England. I love the dark color. And yes, it’s fragrant.





This one is also an Austen rose – Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’. It’s as fragrant as it looks and the bush has about thirty blooms on it at the moment. It perfumes our back porch, so it’s the first thing I smell as I go outside each morning.





This is Rosa ‘Sappho’ which is an old Alba rose. The shrub is arching over ten feet tall now, coming into its prime. I have no idea how tall it will get. This rose only blooms once a year, but it goes for a good month or so. Fragrant and gorgeous.







This is one of my favorite roses, ‘Jude the Obscure’, also an Austen rose. Incredibly fragrant (I really do have very few, maybe zero, roses that have no scent) on a 6-7′ tall shrub. Peach colored blooms all summer long.





This is my newest rose. An Austen rose called ‘The Lady Gardener’ which I’m growing in a container. It’s a shorter one at 2 1/2 feet tall. Most of our sunny areas now are out where the container garden is and I wanted yet another peach colored rose. Lovely fragrance and lots of good sized blooms on this small shrub.

You might have figured out that I love roses. We have dwindling supplies of sunlight in our garden as the trees grow taller, so over the years I’ve had to give away lots of roses. At one point we had over 200 roses, all different varieties. I love heirloom roses, not sure I have any modern roses left, other than the Austen roses. I think now we have somewhere around fifty roses. Give or take a dozen. On half an acre. Of course some of the roses are 2′ tall by 20′ wide.

What can I say? Roses make my heart sing.

And they smell pretty good too.




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