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Happy Spring!

The skunk cabbages are peeking out, slugs and snails are sliming across the garden and the sun occasionally makes an appearance. Spring must be here!

I’m getting ready to leave for nine days to a writing workshop. And I’m so excited! I haven’t been to a real writing workshop for over nine years – I only remember how long it was because I was pregnant at the time and the child turns nine in April. However, first there’s that stuff called packing and just generally getting ready.

I don’t know if you all do this or not, but since I’m leaving the house behind for the other inhabitants, I try to clean up my mess. Which involves pretty much every flat surface in the house – excluding the child’s room. She’s in charge of that mess.

I’m going through all the piles of paper that accumulate daily and pulling out things they’ll need while I’m gone: events, schoolwork due, etc. Trying to throttle the budget and bills into submission. Making sure there’s food and other supplies in the house. And I’m trying really, really hard to put my mountain of clean clothes away. I even cleaned my desk out, although no one will ever see that, but the guts of it were littered all over the kitchen (which is where my office is), because I replaced my external hard drive and was looking for papers relating to the old one which were in the very bottom and back of my desk. I even cleaned up some old emails on my computer (which is coming with me). I stopped at recycling old paper files of finished novels – that I came across while putting things away.

I know I’m not the only one who does this. And I really couldn’t tell you why I feel a need to clean stuff up to this extent before I travel. It’s not as if anybody except me cares. Maybe it’s about trying to make up for not cleaning the rest of the time. I liken it to the craziness of people who clean their house before their housecleaners arrive. I don’t have that problem, since I am the housecleaner, unless I can con someone else into doing it.

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I’ve been working really hard the last three months revising all three novels and getting them edited, formatted, covered and up for sale! And last week I got the Omnibus (all three of the novels in one volume!) up, and I’ve still got another short story to finish up this week.

So, I’m excited to get out of town and drive down to Lincoln City with a friend, who’s also taking the workshop. I might even get a glimpse of the ocean. There will be lots of caffeine, writing, reading and I’m sure – sleepless nights spent writing. I’ll come back filled with inspiration. And a few more short stories!


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