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Crazy New Year!

It’s been a slow slog back to normal. School finally started yesterday and I made it to the computer for a couple of hours before it was time to go volunteer. My daughter goes to a coop school, which is part of the public school system and this year Tuesday afternoons are my time to work.

But today I was back writing, a short story this week. It took me all day to write a couple thousand words. All day. Slow, slow, slow. I kept having to get up and make more tea, or food, or deal with this and that. But I kept making myself sit back down and add more words. And focus. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be back to a routine.

I noticed the same thing in class yesterday. It was the kids’ first day back after two weeks plus of winter break. They were all nuts. A substitute teacher was there and all the kids were kind of wacky. They’d forgotten all the routines and weren’t really paying attention, a lot of goofing off. Some more than others.

So, I’ll be spending the rest of the week trying to refocus. I’ve got a lot of projects planned for the first half of the year and I’ve left space open to add in new projects which excite me. First up, this short story which has been gnawing at me since December. Then I’ll finish revising The Enigmatic Pearl, which is a sequel to The Black Opal. Then edit it, format it, cover it and upload it. Then maybe another short story. Or not. I might just leap into revising The Flaming Ruby next.  The great thing about being an Indie Publisher is that I can write what I want to, when I want to. As long as I keep things going and am always working on something.

And then lots more short stories planned. And a couple more novels. So exciting to finally be getting all these stories out!

Then there’s my other life goals revolving around money and health. Both of those are huge, long term projects. The last few years have been pretty devastating to both those parts of my life. But, I’m starting with baby steps and trying to deal with making the easy improvements first. Getting small successes and moving on from there. And continually bringing the focus back to what I want to have happen.

So, I’ll leave you with a photo of the witch hazel – Hamamelis ‘Jelena’ which is perfuming an entire section of the garden. When the rain isn’t drowning all the scent.

I hope your excitement perfumes the early days of your goals for the year and when you need help – that the scent lingers on during the down times to keep you moving toward the joy and magic you’re searching for in life.


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