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Catching Up!


Last week was spent recovering from social events and going to the beach and watching movies with the child and finding flat surfaces in the house and watering and doing the finances. And sleeping and resting and reading. Such a fascinating life I lead.

This week I did the finances for my business, Metamorphosis Press, which I’m grateful is doing better than last year at this time, but isn’t at the paying the bills stage yet. And I revised some of the stories I wrote over the last six weeks. More of that to do when I get them back from my first readers. And redoing the print of demand book ‘Infected by Magic’ yet again. I really think this’ll be it. We’ll see when the proof arrives. The last proof looked good, but in the time between uploading the changes and getting the proof, I made a decision which changed everything. So, I’m hoping to finally get it out this month.

I’ve decided to drop my pen names and put all my fiction under Linda Jordan. Since that book was written by one of them – LJ Wolfe – I had to change a few things. All of that means of course that there’s a lot of things I’ve published already which need to be redone. Some of them had covers I planned to change anyway. Love most of the covers, but they just weren’t right for the pieces they were on. So, that decision added a lot of things to my already overloaded plate. I was hoping to spend the next four weeks getting all that done, in between life, the universe and everything. Take a hiatus from writing until school starts and do publishing work.

But then another story dropped onto my head. One I’d spent a few months searching for. So, there you go. Apparently, I need to be writing right now, along with everything else. No rest for the wicked.

I’ve got lots of other fun things planned for the rest of the summer: at least one more trip to the beach, a trip to Far Reaches, a grower’s nursery over on the Olympic Peninsula with the plant geeks and this weekend ‘Fresh Paint’ which is a festival on the Everett waterfront. Artists set up booths and paint or sculpt or blow glass or do fabric art or whatever they do. And sell their work. It’s a really inspiring place to go. Really looking forward to what I’ll see.

So, that’s it for today. I’m off to the tropics to see what my character does next.


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