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Busy, Busy!

It feels like it’s been crazy around here lately. I’ve been trying to catch up on everything  and there have been too many days lately spent at the vet, the doctor, the dentist, the optometrist, my daughter’s school and generally running way too many errands. Oh, and taxes. All the everyday stuff of life.

But I have been writing like crazy. I got the second book in the Jeweled World Series up, The Enigmatic Pearl is available (or will be soon) at all the usual spots. I’m working hard on the third (and final) book in the series – The Flaming Ruby – and am planning on having it out in March. Unless it snows for a week or two and I lose all my working time! Which cannot happen. There will be no more snow here until next winter! One week was lots of fun and quite enough.

Today was spent working on websites and other publishing things. I put up another story under my pen name Annie Cox, called The Beaded Bag, which is part of a series surrounding a magical thrift store. I have five stories planned which I’ll put in a collection. More details as I pull things together.

But, it’s bedtime and the next few days are crammed with things to do outside of the house. So I’m off to wind down and sleep. Must read one of the many books which I’ll have to surrender back to the library soon. So many good books, so little time.



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