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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Mexican Shell Flowers
Mexican Shell Flowers are back!

This will be a short post because it’s way past time for me to stop work for the day. I’ve been crazy busy with publishing things. There’s new short stories up for sale, most of them fantasy, about gardens. There’s an older novel Living in the Lower Chakras, that I finally got out in paperback. Plus there’s new free fiction up!

I’m trying to get Book 2 of The Bones of the Earth Series ready to format, almost there. And get Book 3 out to my first readers. And get the rest of my older novels into paperback. So, yikes. Oh, and write a slew of short stories. Because I’m way behind on that goal.

Plus we have a new member of our household. There’s this lovely orange cat who’s been hanging around for a month, yowling like someone was strangling him. Just before the 4th., when this area turns into a war zone, we took him to the vet to get neutered, wormed, de-fleaed and vaccinated. He’s now hanging out in the teenager’s room for a couple of weeks to recover and adjust. Once we let him out with the other cats, photos will follow. He slept a lot for the first three days. I suspect being homeless didn’t allow him much rest. The vet thinks he’s about two. Sweet cat, he doesn’t have a name yet, but he does have six toes on his front feet. And he’s really, really smart.

Waterlily leaves throw scalloped shadows
Waterlily leaves throwing scalloped shadows.

I’ve been writing out in the garden when it’s nice outside. I took this photo yesterday after my husband pointed out the shadows from the lily pads. The shadows on the floor of the upper pond look like flowers, so I’m guessing the edges of the leaves are somewhat transparent.

Nature is so cool!

On that note, I’ll go off and do some reading. And check out the Events page while you’re here. There’s a lot going on.

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  1. I did a fair amount of editing outside in Arizona, but not so much in Washington. Must be nice in the garden…

    • Glad you got things done in Arizona! I’d love to be outside today, too cold. Maybe next week.

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