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Alive Again!

IMG_2558Look what I opened my front door to this morning! What a gorgeous breadseed poppy.

For the past week and a half, I’ve been touring gardens. Friends’ gardens, Nurseries’ gardens and then over a long weekend, I went to the Hardy Plant Society Study Weekend. Four days of lectures, touring members’ gardens and of course, plant shopping.

So, I’ve spent that time immersed in glorious gardens of all sorts. There were formal, fussy gardens, architectural ones, Mediterranean looking gardens, cottage gardens, Northwest woodland gardens and everything in between. And even one that contained mainly species roses. I took over 600 photos! And climbed countless stairs and walked miles upon miles.

My brain is crammed full of information and overflowing with new ideas for our garden. After the patio from hell is finished, of course. Which might happen sometime during my lifetime. I think.

The conference finished Monday night. I spent yesterday dealing with piles. Piles of newspapers, piles of laundry, piles of dishes. We won’t even talk about email! I’m still playing catch up today, but there are flat surfaces to be seen! Progress.

And I’ve been writing, of course. I didn’t make my word count last week, although since that’s only the second time since January, I’m okay with that. This week I will. And perhaps even get some publishing stuff done too.

So today, it’s writing, lunch, and then I’m going to finally get the windows washed and screens up. Mosquitos are here. And then bake some lavender shortbread. I’m having a meeting here tomorrow and need to offer treats for people who are driving out this far.

This week Zoe has swimming lessons every day and parents can use the facilities for free all week. Yay! So this morning I swam while she had her lesson. Then after showering I sat in their lovely, dark sauna. Sigh. I love saunas and someday I may get one. Sitting in the silence, darkness and heat grounds me and fills me with ideas. I found a better ending for a story I thought I’d finished last week. Will need to change it. So swimming and sauna. I’m in heaven. I’d join the club, but I know that I wouldn’t keep going. Been there, done that. Having to drive an hour round trip to exercise is just an excuse to say ‘no’ waiting to happen. But I do miss the occasional swim and especially the sauna.

So, I’m off to get my day going. It’s glorious and sunny and I’m in my outdoor office being buzzed by dragonflies. Life just doesn’t get much better! Hope yours is going swimmingly.

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